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Speed & Agility

Improve Speed, coordination, power agility and balance with this excellent program. Built to work with professional athletes but catered for all ages. This program teaches your young athlete the techniques need to take their speed to next level.


Speed & Agility

Fall Schedule

Speed & Agility Youth Group


4:15 PM

Speed & Agility Teen Group

Tues, Thurs



Training Packages

Available Now


1x Per Week

Train once per week. Build and refine your running techniques. Speed and Agility at it's finest.


2x Per Week

Increase your speed with the best program! Train 2x per week. With the increase in sessions per week you will see your speed increase at its most consistent pace!


Drop In

Want to stop by? Still need to re-work your schedule? Don't let that stop you! Drop in speed classes are for you and your kids schedule!