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Skills & Drills

The Train 2 Live Great Skills & Drills Training Program is designed to build every kid's core, stamina, strength, and increase flexibility. This is not the speed & agility program that we offer. Slightly different but very effective. This program is tailored for all kids regardless of their activities. A stronger core, better flexibility, and balance along with more strength
and stamina is always great!

* Mon-Fri

* Grades 1-5

* $100 Per Month

* $15 Drop In

* Family Packages Available

All classes will be held at Treigned

1075 Whitlock Ave Marietta, Ga 30064

Kids Running
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Skills & Drills


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Common Queries

Active Treigned Clients

If you are currently an active Treigned client, we will add the pricing of you kids onto your monthly payments.

Social Distancing

Kids will be separated into small groups to keep exposure down. Masks are recommended but not required. We thoroughly wipe down all of the equipment after use and strictly follow the CDC guidelines.

What if I miss a class?

Don't worry about missing a class. We have more than enough classes per month to make up or to cover the missed class.

What should my kids bring to class?

*Water Bottle



(All Optional)

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