2022 Training Schedule

Designed With You in Mind

2022 is ALL ABOUT YOU! Over the past few months we've been rebuilding the gym and program to not only provide a product that produces results build to reopen a safe and comfortable environment. Check out our updated 2022 Schedule for our new class times and programs!


Group Training


Regardless of your fitness level, this group class will turn you into a workout warrior in no time! Each day has a different muscle group focus so we make sure that you get a great workout with optimal rest time. If super early is what you want, this is the class for you!

Group Training
Monday - Friday


This class is JUMPING! If group fitness is your thing, then this is the class you want to join. Team workouts that hold hold each person accountable and are adjustable to any fitness level! Come in before work to get this work!

Group Training
Monday - Friday


UPDATE*** 5 Days A Week!! A tad bit different from the normal group classes. Usually smaller than the other group classes. Come with intensity because we get after it! ** Ask About Online Training!

Shadow Boxing
Tues, Wednesday


WE. THROW. HANDS! Absolute best workout. Throw punches, build a sweat and get in shape with our all new Shadow Boxing Class!

Speed & Agility / Performance Training / Flex & Functionality


It's time to perfect your craft! Build your talent from the inside out. Every movement that we do inside of the gym will translate to the field or court flawlessly. Speed, Power, Coordination and so much more!

Speed & Agility (Youth)
Tues, Thurs (5th Grade & Under)


Improve Speed, coordination, power agility and balance with this excellent program. Built to work with professional athletes but catered for all ages. This program teaches your young athlete the techniques need to take their speed to next level.