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Group Fitness

T2LG Group Fitness combines the best of the training program and presents it in progressive fun-loving manner. This program and class is designed for you to build your body from the core up and the core down. Each day is designed to work a particular muscle group and provides the proper amount of rest days to rebuild. This gives the body the time process the workouts. This gives your muscles time to recover from the workout and gives YOU the time to SEE the results!

Group Training: About Me

Group Training Schedule

All Class Are Available!

Early Bird Group

Monday - Friday
Beginners/ Intermediate

5:00 am

Morning Group

Monday - Friday
Beginners / Intermediate

6:00 AM

Mid Morning Group

Monday - Friday
Intermediate/ Advanced

9:00 AM

Group Training: Schedule

Training Packages

Available Now


Monthly Renewal

Absolute Best Deal! All of the classes for 1 one great price! This package renews once a month a comes with all of the perks!


Monthly (Non- Renewal)

Want to try the classes for 1 month? No problem! With this package you can try the class out with a monthly commitment. Drop in for a month and see what you think!


Drop In

Want to stop by? Still need to re-work your schedule? Don't let that stop you! Drop in classes are for you and your schedule!

*All Packages include Free Saturday Classes

Group Training: Price List

Group Fitness Sign Up

Let's Go Get It!

Fill out the short questionnaire and you're in! Its that simple! Once you're finished you should be directed to the payment page, if not click below! See you soon!

***Remember Classes are M-F 5am, 6am & 9am

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