Get My Body Back!

It's Your Body!
Shape It How You Want!


"Get My Body Back"

1 Goal! 1 Purpose! 1 Outcome! Get My Body Back! Using our one of a kind Metabolic Super-Set Training system along with personalized meal plans, you will definitely Get Your body back! This is personal training! I adjust your workouts, reps sets, etc. I update you meal plans weekly and most of all I HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE! 
Who is this program for? 
*Women, 30-45, after kids or beyond optimal size preference
What do you work on? 
*Building Butt, toning arms, losing unwanted fat.
What to Expect? 
*1 on 1 Training w/ check-ins, and video calls.
*Personalized Diets

*Frequent adjustments to workout plan and diet to optimize results


How It Works!

3 Easy Steps!

Before the Run

Download the app and input your information.

Fit Girl

Schedule Your Workouts

Barbell and Kettlebell Weights

Go Get It!

Lifting Weights


1. Commitment

2. Consistency

That's It!


What's Included!

Customized Workouts w/ Video Instructions


Only $319.99


Courtney J.

-19Lbs/ - 9% Body Fat

8 weeks


Cari C.

-14 LBs/ - 7% Body Fat

8 Weeks


Tonya W.

-8 Lbs/ -6% Body Fat

4 Weeks


1075 Whitlock Ave Suite E
Marietta Ga, 30064

(770) 883-7834

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