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Fresh Start Speed Training

Calling all beginners to Speed & Agility

4 Week Fresh Start Training Program

Start Date - Feb 28

Only $120

Tues, Thurs

Class 1 3-3:45

Class 2 4:30-5:15

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The TLG Speed Program is a state-of-the-art approach to speed that combines science, natural ability, and precise movements to reduce the time it takes to get from points A to B. This program is derived from years of sports training, speed training from Kurt Hestner of D1 Sports, and a Master Certification from Toni Villani, of XPE Sports. The formula is simple; Stride Length multiplied by Stride Frequency equals Speed. Simple

The T2LG Speed Program is built to produce immediate results. Based on the T2LG "5 Phases of Speed", each phase is a building block for the next. Using these 5 Phases this program will transform anyone into a fundamentally sound, disciplined runner.

Phase 1 - Corrective Conditioning

  • Techniques

Phase 2 - Conditioning

  • Condition New Techniques

Phase 3 - Stride Length

  • Lengthen Stride

  • Hip Flexer Rotation

Phase 4 - Stide Frequency

  • Reduce Time between Strides

Combination Power

  • Generate Power Into Ground

Class 1 - 3-3:45

Class 2 - 4:30-5:15

$120 - 4week Training Program

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